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Lokren VII

2010-08-12 04:27:33 by firenow

Thats right, along side 'Halo: the true story' I have squeezed in time to begin work on the 7th of the Lokren Chronicles Saga. Atm its only in concept and writting stages, however i am indeed excited to work on VII as it will give me a break from all the Halo animating.. :D

It should be released before any episodes of TTS make it through, so keep your eyes peeled.. :D

All taken on board

2010-05-29 10:12:47 by firenow

Thanks for all your constructive critisism, i'll take it on board, make some changes and hopefully comeback with an episode that rips the shit out of this PROLOGUE..

P.s. the voice actor of masterchief is being fired ASAP... Aka... myself.. :P

Done aaaaand done....

2010-05-28 08:32:54 by firenow

5 days.... 5 long days... thats how long its taken me to finish this animation, at first it was easy but it became harder the longer i made it.... ;)

Love Firenow.

Done aaaaand done....

new animation

2010-05-27 11:01:50 by firenow

If anyone actually reads any of the crap i post, you would be interested to know that im working on a new movie related to halo and hope to have it complete soon.. so far its been the longest and most detailed flash ive worked on.. so keep ur eyes peeled..


2010-05-12 23:53:59 by firenow

IN RELATION TO "Learning how to shave"

If your someone who is watching/watched this video in hope to learn how to shave.. I am Loling at you..

its a joke.. about someone who doesnt know how to shave.... and its his first time shaving..... blahhh


2010-05-12 10:53:46 by firenow

Update blahh.

Uploaded and awaiting possitive feedback!.. :)



2010-05-10 10:03:33 by firenow

New short.

Making a new video atm.. hint.. Riddick..
Im also working on a silly school assignment and if its any good ill post it on here.. so depends which one gets done first to be posted in.. first..

(L) riddick (L)


Completus Maximus!

2010-04-02 06:36:07 by firenow

Update 3.5

Both animations complete.. however lokren has had much more atention then random.. :/

oh well.. Enjoy!!

ciao 4 now

Delayed much?

2010-04-01 22:32:14 by firenow

Update 3

Working on Lokren 6... as well as random.. not sure what will come first to be honest.. :P.. keep eyes peeled

ciao 4 now


2010-03-29 09:31:59 by firenow



So here i am.. sitting on ma comp.. n im like.. ima search for old shit since i hoped on her last week n did the same thing.. so i did that.. and found ALOT of old stuff.. alot of shorts n stuff.. so be ready for another "Random" title because it will be coming up when i get all the animations together and sounds in sync..

Luv ya- Firenow